Sunday, July 13, 2008

Change is as good as...

As is quite a habit for me, I am stuck in an airport. Sydney today whilst I wait for 3 hours for a connecting flight to the place so nice that they named it twice... Wagga Wagga.

Now it is said that a change is as good as a holiday but I find that it is rarely the case, unless you are the sort of person who finds holidays a reason to plan something not quite as good as at home... Now I have heard many references to how crap the aussie broadband situation is but here is mine...

Blissful in my comfort zone of the Qantas Club in T3, I enquire as to whether there is a QC in T2 where I have to go to board the bug smasher to Wagga... It seems that crossing the road means that I now have to pay for the pleasure to use internet that was free across the road... RUDE!

Anyway, at least I got my Combination Me Goreng from Wok on Air... turns out that not changing brings pleasure... go figure

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