Thursday, January 8, 2009

And then there were Ten

I have submitted my top ten songs for 2008 to JJJ Hottest 100 and can hope for the chance to win two tickets to every JJJ sponsored gig in 2009... sweet, never mind the odds.

In coming to the final ten, I amused myself by observing how I decided:

Step 1: The Trawl
In this step, I scrolled through each listed song by artist, stopping at an artist I recognised as liking in the past. The song had to live up to or exceed my expectations of the band or it was neglected (notice a distinct lack of Kings of Leon). 
If I couldn't recall the song by it's title, I searched for it in my playlists. If I didn't own it, I then went the iTunes Store and listened to a snippet. The output was;

I wrestled with some thoughts about censoring what would make my shortlist, in particular Muscles and Emiliana Torrini. I recognised this as an irrational thought and dismissed it... but I have to admit, it was this fear of judgement that incited me to post on this topic.

Step 3: The Cull
Over the past 24+ hours, I slowly cut songs down from the 50 in the Shortlist. The cull was based on the following factors;
  1. Performance against expectation of the Band/Artist (is this their best work)
  2. Ranking of songs by the same band (is this their best work in 2008?)
  3. Origin (Australian?)

The cull resulted in:


In retrospect, I really hope my important decisions are made with more rigour, precision and accuracy...

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