Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Asian History - China Olympics

I think that is obligatory to have at least one post on the Olympics... So I considered a piece on National Pride or the perceived injustices. But that might just be a little too cliched...

I can't let the opportunity go by to commiserate with Oenone on her Road Race and wish her the best in the Time Trial today. But really, I think I need to comment on the Opening Ceremony. What a fantasticly rich series of metaphors to depict a 5000 year history.

The easy line might be to criticise the closed media or ridicule the one-eyed bias of the show. But instead I will honestly own up to not knowing enough about Asian history and I consider this the motivation to learn more


Anonymous said...

This may be of interest in your quest for understanding
The audio file is no longer available but the full transcript is there.

Iain said...

Also try from last weekend's Saturday Extra on Radio National. Some interesting comments. At time of commment, audio is still avail and should be for another few weeks.