Monday, August 4, 2008

On the Cognitive Edge Course...

Through the Blogsphere I stumbled across a Course mate which inspired me to Blog in a similar vain.

I really liked Brad's list but I modified it slighly to a list of thought fragments inspired by the course:

  • Politicians intuitively get complexity but expect Categorisation and Analysis from Public Servants
  • Communities of Practice need to emerge not be formed
  • Treat Data like a Crime Scene
  • Formulate the hypothesis from the data
  • Don't Pareto-ise
  • Thoughts are stored as fragments but through telling and re-telling of experiences links
    (tags) grow with other fragments - leading to retrospective coherence.
  • Training Stories form the ID of the organisation
  • Replicate the Starting Conditions not the End
  • Encourage positive trends and dampen the negative
  • Manage the workplace not the work
  • Consider the Roles (Crews) in an organisation (Loki, Journeyman, Master, Apprentice, White & Black Knights)
I have quite a good set of notes for my disordered mind and many ideas for application and development. I am keen to try the extant methods but can't help but to think that everything has changed. The principles of the Cognitive Edge experience have formed a strange attractor...

And finally, to vehemently agree with Brad (paraphrased):
my favourite line, “cynics are the people who care about the organisation”, since they are the ones looking for a better way to improve their organisations (ere, ere!).

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